Artemis Grey was raised on fairytales and the folklore of Appalachia. She’s been devouring books and regurgitating her daydreams into written words since childhood. She can often be found writing by a crackling fire or romping through the woods on horseback, searching the depths of random wardrobes and wriggling into hollow tree trunks. She hopes to make her readers look at the world they’ve always seen, and see the world they’ve always envisioned. She has had five poems published in Poetry Pact 2011 (Volume 1) and several short stories in the online magazine Underneath The Juniper Tree.

Artemis’s debut contemporary YA, CATSKIN is due out the summer of 2016, from Clean Reads.

Since the inaugural year of the Sirens Conference in 2009, Artemis has been an attender. She considers all those she’s met at Sirens over the years to be her Sirens Sisters (or brothers!) and without the Sirens crew, she would not be where, or who, she is today. For more information about the annual Sirens Conference, check out their homepage here.

She also maintains an equine-oriented humor blog called Horse Hair In The Coffee Pot wherein she writes about the daily, often amusing, exploits of horse enthusiasts.


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